As a trained fine artist and a ‘lover of the stitch’, it seems like second nature to be making creations out of textiles, embroidery and mixed media. One day I could be making a textile puppet/bear/doll or costume, and the next day, an embroidered wall hanging, book or spectacle case, amongst other things.

I love our natural world, it thrills me. The frost on tiny sprouting moss, the ferns unfolding, a dandelion ‘clock’, finding a beautiful feather, watching the leaves turn red, gold and orange, then seeing the birds on the bare wintry branches. I love embroidering these natural wonders on silks, velvets, 100% wool felt, cottons and leathers, and making them into beautiful, usable and durable things like bags, purses and phone/tablet cases. Things like feathers and the textures and colours of lichen have been embroidered on costumes and props for theatre too.

Delight fills me if I get a commission to make a puppet for theatre. I have made puppets for and in collaboration with Angel Heart Theatre, including a queen bee, wolf cub, polar bear, kangaroo, raven, walrus, and so many more. I have created many costumes for Angel Heart’s beautifully carved wooden Bunraku style puppets, including a Pixie Girl, Circus Ring Mistress, Space Girl, Circus Fleatamer, Clown, Inuit girl and Grandpa, and Viking Blacksmith and Girl, to mention just a few.

Here is the little Pixie, Mazymeg, from Angel Heart’s ‘Mazymeg and the Honeybees’, a delightful tale. She was carved by the director, James Richardson, and costumed by my myself. Her costume and wings are heavily embroidered, and designed to look like she is part of the mosses, grasses and lichens that she lives amongst.


Please contact me if there is anything you think I could make for you, I would be more than happy to chat with you.

With love and creative magic, Lisa x

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