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Captivating the imagination…

Malina's Dream (photos by Mark Falmouth)      jellyfish from Oshima      polar bear from Malina's Dream

One of the most amazing aspects of my work, is the creative puppet theatre projects I am involved with.

Puppetry has fascinated me since I first set eyes on Bagpuss all those years ago! That sense of magic and wonder, when inanimate figures or objects move, and ‘come to life’ in front of your eyes, captivates me. I know I am not alone. I watch the expressions of the audience, and witness that moment when the puppet shifts from being inanimate, to appearing ‘real’.

For over 6 years now, I have made puppets, costumes, set design work and props for Angel Heart Theatre, and Rattlebox Theatre, including a polar bear (above), a queen bee, a raven, walrus, anglerfish, jellyfish (above), penguin, amongst many others.

I love seeing how the character develops as I create each puppet, and I feel a relationship forming, that directs how their personality will appear through presence and expression. I also love creating costumes which help to bring out the character of the puppet I am making it for.

Puppetry, it seems, captures something truly magical, and takes you somewhere else, which feels undefinable, maybe because it engages our imagination so much and challenges our perception of reality.

mazymeg_a4wings             nutjellynana main image


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Making is my passion in life, and so is sharing skills in order to enable others to make. I love stitch, puppetry, paint, drawing and storytelling. My aim is for the things I make to be beautiful, useful and durable, to lessen the impact on our incredible earth. Making something personal is a total joy, and I hope for my creations to bring a smile, and be loved. Make, do and mend. With love X

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