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A love of Earth Pathways



This title has double meanings for me, as I love walking the pathways through our wonderful earth, and also love the Earth Pathways Diary! Luckily, my work features in it for 2017!

It was a beautiful moment, meeting Glennie Kindred, who is amongst many wondrous things, the editor of Earth Pathways Diary. It was my daughter who announced I was an artist, and it all developed from there. Little did I expect, that I would have 3 images of my work in there for 2017. It fills me with joy to be part of this beautiful diary, alongside other artists whose work is inspired by our amazing natural world.

This piece, featured above, is an embroidered, hand felted textile art work, of alliums and other wild hedgerow plants. I am more than happy to discuss commissions.

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Making is my passion in life, and so is sharing skills in order to enable others to make. I love stitch, puppetry, paint, drawing and storytelling. My aim is for the things I make to be beautiful, useful and durable, to lessen the impact on our incredible earth. Making something personal is a total joy, and I hope for my creations to bring a smile, and be loved. Make, do and mend. With love X

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