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A lover of the stitch…….

Since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by the sewing tin, the random buttons, the packs of needles, the way a stitch could mend, decorate, fix together.

I love that textiles can tell a story. A favourite well loved and worn teddy bear, threadbare dress that you can’t bear to part with, baby clothes, old braces, the handmade, passed down and treasured.

When I read this, quoted below, by Satish Kumar, I completely related to it…..

“We need to move towards a state where humans are active participants in the process of life and in the making of things that are beautiful, useful and durable.”

Whatever it is that I create, be it a puppet, personalised memory book or journal, a dress, bag or costume, I want it to last, and it is designed that way. When we have something special, handmade with care, you can feel the love that went into it, and it makes you want to look after it. There is a ‘life’ to that creation, and it goes on to develop its own meaning and story. As a maker, that is what I hope for, for each thing I make. If it makes you smile when you use it, my work is done.

Make, do, and mend. With love. X

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Making is my passion in life, and so is sharing skills in order to enable others to make. I love stitch, puppetry, paint, drawing and storytelling. My aim is for the things I make to be beautiful, useful and durable, to lessen the impact on our incredible earth. Making something personal is a total joy, and I hope for my creations to bring a smile, and be loved. Make, do and mend. With love X

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